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Joint publications of CIS members


A. Winkler, H. Borchert, K. Al-Shamery
Surf. Sci., 600 (2006) 3036-3044
"Oxidation of nickel deposited on a thin alumina support"

T. Nowitzki, C. Deiter, J. Wollschläger, M. Bäumer, P. Nickut and K. Al-Shamery
Surf. Sci., 600 (2006) 3595-3599
"Au deposits on graphite: on the nature of high temperature desorption peaks in CO thermal desorption spectra"

M. Schiek, A. Lützen, K. Al-Shamery, F. Balzer, H.-G. Rubahn
Surf. Sci., 600, (2006) 4030-4033
"Nanofibers from methoxy functionalised para-phenylene molecules"

M. Schiek, K. Al-Shamery, M. Kunat, F. Traeger, Ch. Wöll
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 8 (2006) 1505-1512
"Water adsorption at the hydroxylated H(1x1)-O-ZnO(000-1) surface"

B. Gehl, U. Leist, V. Zielasek, M. Bäumer, P. Nickut, K. Al-Shamery, V. Aleksandrovic, H. Weller
Rev. Sci. Instr., 77 (2006) 083902
Selected for the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology, September 2006
"Design of a UHV-compatible RF plasma source and its application to self-assembled layers of CoPt3-nanoparticles"

J. Brewer, M. Schiek, A. Luetzen, K. Al-Shamery, H.-G. Rubahn
Nanoletters, 6 (2006) 2656-2659
(cover of issue)
"Nanofiber frequency doublers: Second harmonic generation and imaging of nanoscaled organic fibers"

M. Schiek, A. Lützen, K. Al-Shamery, F. Balzer, H.-G. Rubahn
Cryst. Growth & Design., 7 (2007) 229-233
"Organic nanoaggregates from functionalised p-quaterphenylenes"

W.-L. Yim, T. Nowitzki, M. Necke, H. Schnars, P. Nickut, J. Biener, M. M. Biener, V. Zielasek, K. Al-Shamery, Th. Klüner, M. Bäumer
J. Phys. Chem. C, in press
"Universal Phenomena of CO Adsorption on Gold Surfaces with Low-coordinated Sites"

D. Fenske, W.-L. Yim, St. Neuendorf, D. Hoogestraat, D. Greshnykh, H. Borchert,
Th. Klüner, K. Al-Shamery
ChemPhysChem., 8 (2007)
"Pitfalls in Interpreting Temperature Programmed Desorption Spectra of Alloys: the CoPt/CO puzzle"

M. Schiek, K. Al-Shamery, A. Lützen
Synthesis, 4 (2007) 613-621.
"Synthesis of symmetrically and non-symmetrically para-functionalised para-quaterphenylenes"

H. Borchert, D. Fenske, J. Kolny-Olesiak, J. Parisi, K. Al-Shamery, M. Bäumer
Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 46 (2007)
und Angew. Chem. 119 (2007)
"Applicability of ligand-capped Pt nanocrystals as oxide supported catalysts:
FTIRS investigations of the adsorption and oxidation of CO"

F. Balzer, M. Schiek, A. Lützen, K. Al-Shamery, H.-G. Rubahn
Proceedings of the SPIE'S OE/LASER '07 conference, 6470-06, 2007.
"Growth of nanofibers from thiophenes, phenylenes and thiophene-phenylenes: a systematic study"

M. Schiek, J. Brewer, F. Balzer, A. Lützen, K. Al-Shamery, H.-G. Rubahn
Proceedings of the SPIE'S OE/LASER '07 conference, 6475-17, 2007.
"Tailored nanoaggregates from functionalised organic molecules"

J. Wollschläger, C. Deiter, M. Bierkandt, A. Gerdes, M. Bäumer, C.R. Wang, B.H. Müller, K.R. Hofmann
Surf. Sci. 600, 3637 (2006)
„Homogeneous Si films on CaF2/Si(111) due to boron enhanced solid phase epitaxy“

H. Borchert, B. Jürgens, V. Zielasek, G. Rupprechter, S. Giorgio, C. R. Henry, M. Bäumer
J. Catal. 247, 145 (2007)
“Pd nanoparticles with highly defined structure on MgO as model catalysts: An FTIR study of the interaction with CO, O2 and H2 under ambient conditions”,

A. Schaefer, Th. Schroeder; G. Lupina; Y. V. Borchert, J. Dabrowski, C. Wenger, M. Bäumer
Surf. Sci. 601, 1473 (2007)
„Heteroepitaxial praseodymium sesquioxide films on Si(111): A new model catalyst system for praseodymium oxide based catalysts”

L.V. Govor, G. Reiter, G.H. Bauer, J. Parisi
(Phys. Rev. E, to be publ. 2007)
"Formation of low-dimensional ordered arrays of nanoparticles in dewetting water layer"

L.V. Govor, G. Reiter, G.H. Bauer, J. Parisi
Appl. Phys.Lett. 89 (2006) 133126
"Treelike branched structures formed in dewetting thin films of binary solution"

L.V. Govor, G.H. Bauer, G. Reiter, J. Parisi
Phys. Rev. E 74 (2006) 061603
"Towards Self-Assembled Tree-like Patterns from Evaporating Binary Solutions"

L. Govor, G.H. Bauer, G. Reiter, J. Parisi
Appl. Phys. Lett. 89 (2006) 133126.
"Treelike Branched Structures Formed in Dewetting Thin Films of a Binary Solution"

L. V. Govor, G. Reiter, G.H. Bauer, J. Parisi
Phys. Lett. A, 353 (2006) 198-204
"Bilayer Formation in Thin Films of a Binary Solution"

J. Parisi, L.V. Govor, G.H. Bauer, G. Reiter
Z. Naturforsch. 61a (2006) 99-102.
"Self-Assembly of Nanoparticle Ring Patterns"

K. Schröder, D. Haase, W. Saak, R. Beckhaus, W. P. Kretschmer und A. Lützen
Organometallics (2007) submitted

R. Koch, E. Bölter, J. Stroot, R. Beckhaus,
J. Organomet. Chem., 2006, 691, 4539 – 4544.
"Theoretical Studies on Titanium Pentafulvene Complexes"

J. Kolny-Olesiak and J. Parisi:
in Proc. 5th Intern. Workshop on Biomedical Applications of Nanotechnology, eds. A. Jordan, M. Veith, and Ch. Ziegler (Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2006) p. 62
"Synthesis and Ligand Exchange of Semiconductor Nanoparticles"

Asaftei S, Walder L.
Langmuir 22, 5544 (2006).
"Modification of Mesoporous TiO2 Electrodes with Cross-Linkable B12 Derivatives"


M. Schiek, K. Al-Shamery, A. Lützen, R. Koch, F. Balzer, H.-G. Rubahn
2006, pending
"Functionalised organic nanofibers"

Th. Wich, K. Al-Shamery, T. Luttermann, M. Wickleder, F. Gerlach, M. Necke, H. Schnars, O. Büchner, 2007, pending
"Elektronengestütztes additives Strukturierungsverfahren zur direkten Abscheidung
von Metallen"

Book chapter

K. Al-Shamery, M. Schiek, R. Koch, A. Lützen
in New organic nanofibers for next generation devices

K. Al-Shamery, H.-G. Rubahn, H. Sitter (Eds.),
Springer Series in Materials Science
Tailored organic nanoaggregates generated by self-assembly of designed functionalised p-quaterphenylenes on muscovite mica substrates


K. Al-Shamery, J. Parisi, (Eds.)
Springer Series in Materials Science, 99, November 2007
Self-Organized Morphology in Nanostructured Materials