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The Center of Interface Science

The Center of Interface Science (CIS) has been founded in 2006 with the goal to join efforts of scientific groups in Oldenburg, Osnabrück and Bremen related to fundamental research work on functionalised interfaces, a particular promising research area within materials science.

These materials play a key role for technical applications such as regenerative energy conversion (photo voltaics, fuel cells, energy storage systems), optimization of the energy balance within chemical production processes (catalysis), energy conversion (LED) or smart materials. 

In order to improve and extend these excellent interdisciplinary research efforts on a broader basis, CIS is aiming to pool the activities in a focussed way: this fosters larger projects and makes the excellent research profile of the three universities more visible.

Members of CIS are developing a joint program for a graduate school in materials science in order to release scientific coworkers with an outstanding education of highest standard on an international level. It is further aim to gain supplementary expertise from lively exchange with outstanding international researchers in order to build up an active network of European and intercontinental research centers. In order to encourage the transfer from an invention to a technical spin off groups working in economics and law are included in CIS. Therefore CIS is also an ideal platform to act as interconnect between fundamental research and industry – however, this is not to be seen as the major goal of the center.